Indignant Ramsaran does not go quietly





Ganesh Remy Ramsaran conferences with his attorney Gilberto Garcia during Ramsaran’s sentencing hearing Monday, Dec. 1 at the Chenango County Courthouse. (Evening Sun Photo)

Ganesh Remy Ramsaran did not go quietly during his sentencing hearing Monday, Dec. 1 in Chenango County Court.
Never one to use an economy of words, Ramsaran went on a tangential rant – much like his testimony during his murder  trial – claiming injustices at the Chenango County Correctional Facility, and even calling out Judge Frank Revoir’s alleged personal business.
“The only thing I am guilty of is having an affair,” Ramsaran told the court. Ramsaran followed that up accusing Revoir of his own affair.
Ramsaran was convicted of second degree murder in September, the culmination of a three-week trial that garnered national attention. Dateline NBC profiled the Ramsaran case on Friday, Oct. 31 in an episode, “Secret Lives.”
Since the program’s airing, Ramsaran has provided additional fodder to the compelling story. Less than two weeks prior to his sentencing, Ramsaran was charged with attempted bribery.
It is alleged that Ramsaran hatched a plan to escape from the Chenango County Correctional Facility, and proposed a $100,000 bribe to a corrections officer to aid in Ramsaran’s escape.
Days before his sentencing for murder, Ramsaran was arraigned on the bribery charge, one that could lead to a 15-year sentence that would run consecutively with his second degree murder sentence.
Following Ramsaran’s diatribe, Revoir addressed Ramsaran and the court, and eloquently stated that Jennifer (Ramsaran) “will never again rise with the sun.”
Revoir reproved Ramsaran for the callous acts that led to his arrest and conviction for murdering his late wife Jennifer.
Willful and indignant to the end, Ramsaran’s parting words to Revoir  and the court were, “see you at appeal in two years.”
Ramsaran was immediately transferred to the Elmira Correctional Facility. He will eventually be moved to another facility where he will serve the rest of his 25-years-to-life sentence.
Ramsaran’s 19-plus months in the Chenango County jail will count as time served toward his sentence. He is eligible for parole in 2038 when he is 63 years old.


2 thoughts on “Indignant Ramsaran does not go quietly

  1. Revoir never should have been the judge, considering he had a relationship with Remy and Jennifer who both were guests in his home. Eloquent? More like slimy. The whole lot of them. Revoir HAS had an affair and both Remy and Jennifer were witness to it, along with others.(His wife left fuming from the party after an argument and off Revoir and Carolyn went to the bedroom. The entire room could hear her moaning!) An appeal WILL be interesting as the truth CAN finally be told, through a competent attorney of course. I imagine if you were innocent, set up to be found guilty, you too would have a lot of “diatribe” to say. Take away a man’s shaver and comb for 3 months, set up a bribe story and make it appear he was changing his looks. Nice plan but it failed to those who know better. Remy wouldn’t have offered money to a guard when he doesn’t have any money. Lots of fools up there and they will all be exposed. Stay tuned.


  2. pb

    I can only assume by your comments that you must be one of the few friends this convicted murderer has left. What anyone did or did not do inside or outside the courtroom doesn’t excuse the fact this dirtbag murdered his beautiful young wife. May you both live the lives that God will place upon you. There’s an old saying, karma is a b. Well just call karma God and we all know, God doesn’t like ugly.


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